Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Arias Slime Recipe

 Im Aria 
I made this slide becuase I love slime but it is not just me who loves slime so I decided to make this for all the slime lovers out there.

As I was writing this I learnt multiple things Like:
I need to include pictures and diagrams
That the steps need to be short
I should use numbers or bulletpoints at the start of a step
To include an introduction
To use action verb at the start of a step
Spicy Adjectives

I also learnt that this isn't just for me I was also making this my audience is well.

Thank you For Reading My Slime Recipes I hope You Enjoy 

Until Next Time Aria Out

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Pauline Came From Sistco Auckland

On the 15th of may 2018 Pauline came from Siscto from Auckland. she works at siscto where 1 of the biggest network company.
she told us alot about technolgy.  

She told us that she used to work at the apple brand way back when they only had the flap laptops I think. she worked there for 18 years I think. but she has worked with technolgy for 20 years. 

Any ways thats all I will Fill you in later for tech girls app challenge with my group Ella, Macy and amber.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Its Not finished but Its Called Diary Of All The Fun Things I Do

Chapter 1 Stoney Oaks Wildlife Park
Chapter 2 Pouakai Zoo
Chapter 3 Hangout With Friends
Chapter 4 Went To Grandma’s
Chapter 5 Went to Corbett Park
Chapter 6 The Extravaganza Circus
Chapter 7 Easter In Wellington
Chapter 8 Holiday In Palmy
Chapter 9 Mega Fun Carnival
Chapter 10 My Baby Sister
Chapter 11  Getting To Meet Alexa
Chapter 12 Family Meeting
Chapter 13 Lukahs 1st Birthday
Chapter 14  Poor Kruzy

                   Chapter 1
        Stoney Oaks Wildlife Park

In the morning thursday 22nd January I went to Stoney Oaks Wildlife Park. I Went With Ashley, Mitchell, Lani and Mum. We saw loads of cool Animals.
We got to Pat Possums, Brush llamas, Pat Goats Pat A Cow, See Chinchillas, Ride On A Boat, Pat A Deer, Go On A Fairy Walk, Hold A Bunny, Feed Baby Goat And Deers, See Peacocks And go in a treehouse and see piggies and piglets
My favorite animal was the goats and piglets.

These are piglet at stoney oaks wildlife park.

                  Chapter 2
             Pouakai Zoo

In the holidays I went to Pouakai Zoo with Mum, Ashley, Mitchell and lani. We saw monkeys, an ostrich, donkeys, cockatoos, white bengal tigers, lions, an emu, ducklings, chicks, meerkats ,turtles, frogs,
wallabies, ponies and Goats.

We got to see the white bengal tiger and lions being fed.
Funny story once I was feeding the ostrich and the ostrich bit my pinkie ever since I've hated the ostrich and never go near it again. The ostriches name is sharon.

                 Chapter 3
            Hangout With Friends

I hang out with 3 of my friends Ashley, Ella, and Lucia.
I had quite a few with Ashley we had a swim we did each other's hair and makeup with her stepsister (Maia) We went to the sugar plum kitchen. ( Because Ashleys mum owns it)

With Ella we went for swim we played on our Ipads She dropped her Tablet and it fell in water at my house and it survived. Luckily it was in the case. We played hide and seek we played on her tramp we even played dress up and photo shoots. We patted her horse and goat and dogs. She has 1 horse 2 baby goats and 3 dogs. I stayed there till 8:00 or was it 7:00 any way we still had so much fun!!!!!!

With Lucia we made slime well tried it failed tho. We watched youtube on her family desktop. We went to the family picnic at school and had a little swim with mum and lani. We didn't do much cause we only had 4 hours but we still had a lot of fun.

                  Chapter 4
                 Went to Grandma’s

 I went down to palmerston north with Aunty connie to see grandma and my cousins. We went to softball and had a hut from last time we went. Kahlia,Kyha,Lani,Peyton and me stayed friday night. Nalah, Lukah, Lani and me stayed on saturday. Me and nalah slept in grandmas bed grandma and lukah slept in uncle bryns room and lani slept on the mattress in grandma’s room. Then we came back to new plymouth the on the bus by our self. Before we got on trina and nalah and lukah gave as lollies to share and lukah waved and gave me a kiss.
When I was leaving nalah cried she missed me and still misses me.

                      Chapter 5
          Went To Corbett Park

On The Last 3 weeks of the holidays we went to corbett park over and over and over again. We went over and over and over again because
it was way to HOT!!! At corbett park there's a rope swing to swing off of into the water and there was a ledge you can jump of into the water.
It start of shallow then you get to the middle and its super deep and at the other side where the rope swing and ledge is it get the tiniest bit shallow.

One time we were so hot we had dinner there and then after dinner we had another swim well lani and tony did. We swam for 4-5 hours.
Ashley also went one time with me.

  Chapter 6
        The Extravaganza Circus

On saturday the 10th march Me, Ella M, Lani and Mum went to the extravaganza circus. We got loads of thing I got a Henna, cotton candy, Snow cone, Hot dog, mystery pack, unicorn horn headband and A shot at throw the ball at the cans. It was so fun.

My favorite part was when we were all looking at the stalls and then mum said that they travel the world and sell the things there and that's how they make money. I found it very interesting. There were loads of doggies/puppies. They were so cute we even got to pat one and he or she loved me.

           Chapter 7
             Easter In Wellington

      On Easter Friday Me, Lani, Mum And tony    went to wellington for Easter we had a bbq for tea We played with fin he is the cutest thing ever. On Saturday we went to 2 markert and the te papa museum and since we weren't around from there we didn't know what to do with the parking machine. We saw the colossal squid and we went to the gallipoli exhibit. They were huge/massive life like statues in there OMG it was super cool. Near the end We saw a statue and  you could write on a paper poppy and throw/gently put in in the bottom of the statue.

                         Chapter 8
                   Holiday In Palmy

  On the 24th of April I went to palmy well this is how it all began.
On monday afternoon grandpa came up to new plymouth and stayed the night.
We then left at 9:30 In the morning to go to palmy.( Its A 3 hour drive )
Once we got to palmy we stayed at grandpas for 1 hour then went swimming at the freyberg for about 3 hours.
On wednesday we went to grandmas for the day went shopping played with nalah (my cousin ) she was attached to me when I said do you like unicorns like lani she said no when I said do you like foxes like me she said yes.
Then thursday grandpa had a compactor to compact tile for joe's playhouse
( grandpas Making It )
Friday we went swimming and mini golfing.
Saturday we went mini golfing again with koru (grandad) and played gta on the xbox.
Sunday we came home and grandpa stayed the night and and on monday he dropped us off to school and then went to tauranga.

Chapter 9
Mega fun carnival

On the 29th of April it was the MEGA FUN CARNIVAL. When we had got back from palmy with grandpa, joe and liz we went to cobb and co with Pauline, Tony, Grandpa, Joe, Aunty Connie, Mum, Lani And me.
After the we went To Aunty connie's house to see shadow and nizmo ( her dogs shadow the small 1 Nizmo is the biggest. ) After that we went to the MEGA FUN CARNIVAL At the MEGA FUN CARNIVAL I went in the fun factory on the merry go round with joe and went on bumper cart.
I played a game and it was the ping pong clown ( I Hate Clowns ) I won A slapper Hand. Lani and Mum went on the tornado and some other scary ride. ( as you can tell I don't like scary ride. ) Joe went on the dragon baby roller coaster but he got scared and he cried so they stopped it just for him. ( Aww how sweet)

            Chapter 10
My Baby Sister
On the 12th of December 2017 my baby sister was born.
Her name is chaya.
Her full name is Chaya Mihi Marie Harewera Taiaroa
Dad said when she was born she looked like a bulldog.
I said no way jose.
Shani And dad live in Hamilton ( which is where chaya was born. )
Oh I just realized that all the cousins/Sister were born in palmy but chaya.
Anyways the last time I went up to Hamilton and saw dad, shani and chaya me and chaya where laughing all day. ( all Baby’s Love me. )
I even got to undress her for her bath and dress her after her bath.
She is the cutest baby ever as well as all the cousins/sister.

                                             Chapter 11
Getting To Meeting Alexa
On The 2nd of May I went to Ella house with mum to see Alexa While Lani was at ukulele.
Alexa is Ella’s newborn sister.
Alexa was so small. She is super cute.
When mum was having cuddles me and Ella went to go pick Lani up.
We took a while because we stayed at school while Lani was walking up. ( well she got a ride up the hill. )  
We went on the playground, court and we went to the jungle gym’s. After that we went home after saying hello to
mrs smith. Once we got home mum said what took you so long I said “we had a little 1 and a half hour play.” She said “ok”
Then we went home and then this morning I found out that ELla was Throwing up all night Alexa wouldn’t go to sleep Riley  Didn’t go to sleep till 11:00 and gemma was sick and couldn’t get to sleep so mum went out to look after Alexa And Riley While Gemma Had a Sleep and Ella had a rest.
( Riley is Ella’s 1 year and 9 month old brother that loves me so does Alexa.)
P.S. All baby’s love me

Chapter 12
Family Meeting

On Tuesday 8th of april I had a netball game and I played 1 quarter for the other frankley team because Ashley and Daina were late.
After that we went home and had tea. I had Subway and everyone else had Fish and Chips. In my sub I have A kids pack and have white bread with ham and cheese and i also have lettuce, carrot, Tomato, mayo and salt and pepper. If the M & M cookies are big i have one other wise I have a crusher and choc milk.
 have  After that we came back to school for a family meeting. So there were about 10 kids or less and Mr A did some activities with them. I helped. We played about 7 games or less. When I say help I mean make sure the kids are doing the games right and I played a few. We did some Rauka sticks and poi I didn’t do the poi but I did the Rauka. I didn’t do the poi because I was controlling the computer for music and yeah well music. It took 1 hour more than it was meant to.
And when we came home we well I had a milo and then went to bed after a few minutes.
Oh and Mr Ritai was there.

Chapter 13
Lukahs 1st birthday

On the 12th of may 2018 it was my cousin Lukahs 1st birthday/party. Kobe, Kyha, Kruz, Peyton, Chaya, Nalah, Dad, Uncle Jason, Uncle Bryan, Aunt Trina, Kuro, Kayla, Sisa, Shani, Tui and People I didn’t know because they were from Sisa’s side of the family. For the party we went to flip city ( A trampoline park. )
All the cousins except kahlia came because kahlia was with her mum. At Flip city you could play dodgeball and mine and kyha’s team won all the rounds. Next time we are going to cloud 9 the new trampoline park. We had Such A good time


on Wednesday at 9:00 to the TSB stadium.
we went so we could rehearse our Choir songs and get to know the actions.
there were over 500 kids there.
we got back to school at 12:30.
I found the performance really cool.
I love to sing so this was definitely for me.
I love Choir.
I felt really nervous and excited at the same time.

Yay We Have Our Sister

So on the 12th of December, My Baby Sister was born.

4 days after my birthday.

She doesn't have a name yet.

Here is a picture of my sister.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Wall Worthy W.I.T

for my W.I.T I Did a Beach with turtles, rock, crabs, seaweed and coral. it is double sided one side has a dark side with wet sand and the other has light sand because its dry. 

The message is if we keep the beach clean we will have a beautiful lovely beach. there will be no more killing sea animals there will be more sea animals then less sea animals.

The Title of this art I'm about to show you is a clean beach is a beautiful beach.